Inspiration for ZERO TO LOVE

My upcoming book ZERO TO LOVE is set to release on October 22. I couldn’t be more thrilled because for several years I believed this book would never see the light of day.

EP_ZeroToLove I wrote this book back in 2008 when I wasn’t very good at writing yet. I was taking a ton of workshops but my craft wasn’t THERE. Still, I wasn’t that savvy about publishing yet and I shopped this book like crazy. I had hits from Sourcebooks, who loved the premise (but probably not the writing back then) and had interest from several NY agents.

Finally I realized the project was more than my abilities could handle and locked it up in the hard drive.

But these characters–Monroe and Magda–continued to haunt me. So when I unearthed the file again in spring of 2013 I was ready to let this book thrive. What came out was hotter, sexier, grittier, dirtier, and more imaginative than its early version.

The  Mindchanger race came about from the idea of paying it forward–giving back to society. This supernatural race in ZERO TO LOVE consume human thoughts as fuel. In return for the thoughts they feed ideas back into the humans. These could be good–for instance, reminding a husband that his wife is loving. Or the thoughts they feed into humans can be used destructively.

Also the Mindchangers race is based on a colony of bees. The society is similar–every “Mindchanger” has a job to do. For instance, Monroe is a beekeeper. He run around the dark city and unfreezes the Mindchangers who have glutted themselves on too many thoughts. When he comes across Magda, he is instantly drawn to her. He tries to feed…and finds her mind empty.

Magda is one of the first redheads I’d ever written. As a mother of two redheaded girls, I had a personal reference to how delicate these girls can look. Pale skin, fiery hair, veins running just under the skin, eyelashes pale at the roots and dark at the tips. Magda came alive through my knowledge. (see crazy-faced photo below)

disneyloveday 072

The final bit of inspiration for ZERO TO LOVE were two words: Mind Fuck. The brain is the biggest erogenous zone. Anyone who’s had cybersex knows this (don’t judge). Based on the idea of a mind fuck, I filled in the spaces of this story. What is more intimate than one’s thoughts? Monroe can see Magda’s thoughts and aches to consume them, but he can’t extract them. She is blocked to him, and her memory is gone so he can’t see why.

But he can eat her emotions, which she bleeds out whenever he’s near. When you’re faced with a tall, muscular man wearing all black leather, you tend to let your emotions run wild. *grin*

I hope you’ll enjoy my supernatural world. I plan to build off more characters while the Mindchangers race rushes to eradicate the renegade Free Wills and keep a very important person safe.

Haven’t read an excerpt of Zero to Love yet? Link here.

Thanks for reading! You are all my inspiration.



2 comments on “Inspiration for ZERO TO LOVE

  1. This sounds like a very intriguing story/race!
    I love your inspiration for the story. Great picture of your girls! 🙂
    Congrats on your upcoming release.

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