Excerpt-palooza — ZERO TO LOVE



Steadying the SUV on a straight path, he dived into Magda’s gaze. If he wanted, he could search through every thought, memory, or kernel of knowledge she’d ever had. But he wouldn’t. She deserved better.

“Why won’t you feed from me?”

Her question punched him hard. He grunted and tore his gaze from hers—a first for him. Usually the human looked away. “You don’t know, do you?”

She shook her head.

“I can’t feed from you. I can see into your mind, but you won’t give anything up to me.”

A pulse of silence. Then she twined her fingers together until the knuckles grew white.

Up ahead, he spotted an emergency pull-off. In a blink he reached it, then whipped into the spot. He powered the engine down with his mind so all was silent inside the cab.

The furious tick of Magda’s mind was loud enough.

“Sweetheart, what you don’t know yet is that we’re going to be in this together, so communication is important going forward.”

“Fine.” She  turned those bottomless blue eyes on him. His adrenaline surged, his hunger suddenly boundless as if he hadn’t eaten in a week.

“Does it bother you that I can’t feed from you?” He held his breath, already seeing the answer as bright as a brand-new star in her mind.

She shifted, and her dress rode higher, nearly exposing her crotch. “I…want you to feed from me.”

His cock hardened in response to her words, and he tensed his muscles in order to remain seated.

“Is that strange?” She swiped her lower lip with her tongue, and he tracked the movement, unable to look away from the glistening wetness. Headlights flashed past, but he and Magda were alone out here, surrounded only by inky night.

No one would know if he kissed her. Took her.

But one taste would mean he wouldn’t let her go. And no human like Magda would be happy with him forever.


ZERO TO LOVE coming 10/22!

2 comments on “Excerpt-palooza — ZERO TO LOVE

  1. EM! This is wonderful. I can feel the tension between these two. Congrats on what will be another great book!

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