EDIT ME — Cutting the Garbage Words

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Today’s post is about trash words. What they are and how you should divorce yourself from them. Concise writing is easy to read, and readers will return for more and more.


Take out that chainsaw and eliminate these redundant words:

twelve midnight – midnight

2 am in the morning – 2 am

biography of her life – biography

exactly the same – the same

free gift – gift

basic essentials – essentials

in the event that – if

new innovations – innovations

kneel down – kneel

bend down – bend

one and the same – the same

circle around – circle

close proximity – proximity

end result – result

personal opinion – opinion

revert back – revert

return again- return

surrounded on all sides – surrounded

the future to come – the future

there is no doubt that – no doubt


ATM machine– ATM

AIDS syndrome – AIDS means Acquired ImmonoDeficiency Syndrome – AIDS

CPU unit – the U stands for unit already  – CPU

CD disk – compact disk – CD


these words are meant to intensify but really aren’t necessary:

very, quite, extremely, severely, really


These phrases add weight to your sentence. Cut them free, friends.

as a matter of fact

as far as I’m concerned,

by means of

all things considered

at the present time


for the most part

have a tendency to

in a very real sense

in my opinion

in the event that

in the process of

type of

Hope this list gives your words buoyancy! Don’t be afraid, friends. Next week we’ll discuss cliches! We’ll “set the world on fire.” Thanks for reading!


4 comments on “EDIT ME — Cutting the Garbage Words

  1. my favorite to cut as an editor is “for his part” – if we’re in that character’s POV, who else’s part would it be? As a writer, my editors make me cut “just”, which as a part time Texan, I use all the time

  2. Hi there,
    I drive my editor crazy as well. I’m constantly getting “dump this” and “kill that”. Less is more. I found you on Book Blogs. Cool site. You can find and follow me back (if you like) at http://adriennereiter.blogspot.com. Good connecting.

  3. I enjoyed this! I use intensifiers a lot, thinking they are needed to spice my sentences. Thanks for sharing.

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