If you follow me on FB, you know that I just went to Disney. My plans while there were to:


1. take photo of myself humping Goofy’s leg

2. photograph men’s bulges based on this inspiration


YUM. This would be hard to top

airplane cowboy story



It turns out that taking photos of guys’ junk is harder than you’d guess. This guy in the airport knew what I was doing and kept turning around LOL

photo (2)




Here’s a standard Disney bulge–elusive and often tucked under a loose shirt. *sad face*


photo-1 (2)



He’s got some Disney extensions *wink*




Don’t men realize they need more form fitting shorts? Jeez



This guy might have been promising if he’d posed. And he does have a tattoo.




BUSTED! He knows I’m snapping a photo even if I’m pretending to take a selfie!



This concludes the bulge photo tour. I’m no longer on vacation, but it is my new mission to bring you better bulge shots from all over the world.


Oh, and for those of you wondering if I managed to corrupt Goofy, I did not. He’s hard enough to run to earth and the management frowns upon character porn.


Thanks for stopping by!




3 comments on “It’s here! BULGE PHOTO TOUR

  1. I thought it was Mickey you were molesting/humping???

  2. omg fucking hilarious!!!! bwuahahaha

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