Some of you know I just returned from Disneyworld with my four kiddos, where we walked eight miles a day, were intermittently drenched in tropical downpours, and poked out every eyeball of every statue we came across. (My kids have a sick sense of humor).

After a week of living in la-la-land where people wear boingers and every style of Mickey shirt imaginable, I’d hoped to sit down at my desk and feel refreshed. Revived. Ready to write and conquer!

Except I don’t. I want to slip on my best flip flops and lounge by the pool after a hard day of spinning myself sick in a teacup.


However, while I don’t FEEL refreshed, I’m busy doing a refreshing of another kind. Some of you may be guilty of this. It’s called…


Email refresh. Definition: When you continually hit the refresh button your email because you’re waiting for an important response. In my case it’s a reply to a manuscript submission requested by a very important person. Is 6x a day too often to refresh? I say no. Hitting that button is like a little vacation for my finger. While I am sitting in Pennsylvania dealing with everyday life, my finger is relaxing–refreshing.

If you’re a chronic refresher, don’t fret! You do not require therapy–yet. You can allowably refresh up to 100x a day without needing a handful of Prozac. There is one caution, though:

Once in a while you should blow on your fingertip to keep it cooled off and provide a spa-like feeling.

Are you an email stalker? Let me hear from you! Did you receive good news or bad? Will you refresh again?

Thanks for stopping by!



2 comments on “Refreshed

  1. Guilty here!! I’m waiting to hear back on some sumbissions and I’m totally stalking my email.

  2. I’m waiting too but my life right now, I don’t have time to stalk. LOL!

    Good luck stalking and I hope you get good news when you do.


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