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ASK EM– Website Options

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This question is about websites. WHERE DO I GET ONE?

This answer is different for everyone. My response to this particular author was that in the romance world, most of us make our own websites. Because, well, we’re starving artists and a website is one place we can really find substantial savings. With that said, you basically have 2 options:

Build a website yourself

Hire someone to build it for you

If you’re building a website yourself, there are various price ranges and options. Here are a few:


The number one place I see used to build a free website is WEEBLY.

There’s also Wix and Squarespace. Here’s a good resource for those of you looking into the free option.


Buy a domain and link it to WordPress

In doing this, you purchase a domain usually for 9.99 from a place like GoDaddy.

WordPress is a blog site with many templates available. Choose a free one or select a premium that might cost up to $50 a year or so. Also, here are some fantastic premium templates: http://themeforest.net/collections/1083871-premium-wordpress-themes

If you’re proficient in HTML, you can really do exciting things with the look of your website.


Buy a domain and website building software through GoDaddy. I actually use this method. You pay for a domain, software, and hosting. The plans include 5-pg websites or 10-page. You can add a lot of upgrades such as blog, email, etc. My plan is under $200/year. Check it out here.


Professional website builders range in price. I suggest doing an extensive search on the Internet but also ask friends. Visit websites you like and email the owner and ask who designed it. Be very smart about how you spend your money. Will you get enough updates throughout the year? Will the website builder do the updates in a timely manner? After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a brand new book release that isn’t reflected on your website immediately.

When contracting a professional, it’s also good to come armed with a few links to sites you like. This way you have visual aid to communicate what you want.

Another option is to find a college student who is working toward a degree in this field. He might want the experience and give you a great deal!

Whether you choose to create your own website or hire out the work, it’s important to explore all options. The perfect website is what fits you best.


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