Christian has Claire in his grasp…


Unbroken72lg (2)


Dark heat slithered low through her belly. He jerked her off balance, and they tumbled into the high grasses, his strong body pinning hers. The scents of wild switchgrass flooded her senses, along with hard-working male musk.

He stared down into her eyes for a single beat before slamming his mouth over hers. Claiming her. Devouring her.


She nipped at his lips and tongue, writhing to get closer to his extreme heat. His steely erection ground the V of her legs, causing her clit to swell and throb.


“I need you. Right here. Now.” He spattered kisses down her throat to the tops of her breasts even as he adeptly stripped her.


“Hurry,” she breathed. She raked her fingers over his shoulders and down his spine, weaving them under the fabric of his waistband.


He flashed a crooked grin, then ducked his head and sucked her nipple through the cloth of her shirt. Gasping, she arched, seeking more of his insanely hot touch.


When he popped her jeans button, she thought she’d combust. His scent maddened her. The heat of his skin drove her out of control.


He sank his teeth into her nipple hard enough to make her squeak. But oh, what a delicious feeling. Her skin broke out in goose bumps. Then suddenly, he manhandled her out of her top and bra, her jeans, panties and boots, until she was stretched bare beneath the hot harvest sky.


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2 comments on “Excerpt-palooza–UNBROKEN

  1. Yea! Looks like another winner! Congrats on your release!

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