Edit Me — comma tip

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When writing cities and states, what is the proper way?

The mail was forwarded to 123 ABC Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40245, over a week ago.

(CMoS 6:48) Commas are used to set off a place of residence immediately following a person’s name unless the place is essential to the meaning of the sentence or is considered part of the person’s name.

Em Petrova, from Pennsylvania, writes smut.

NO COMMAS: The Pitts of New York City are unrelated to Brad Pitt.

Hope this helps you when writing places! Thanks for reading.



3 comments on “Edit Me — comma tip

  1. The complexities of grammar… I could use a few more of these posts (preferably about the use of semi colons and colons, among other things lol!!!!) 🙂

  2. I have a difficult time with commas in sentence structures where the character says something and, even though they are finished with THAT sentence, there is a comma used when followed by a discription.
    IE (what I would do): “I hope you enjoyed that.” Jill says with a sexy smile before leaning down for another lick. “I’m all for the more the merrier.”
    Okay – sorry, came up with that off the cuff …. all I gotta say is thank goodness for editors!

    • Jennifer,

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      In your case, I would drop the dialogue tag. If there is action by the speaker–Jill leaned down for another lick–then you don’t even need the SAYS.

      “I hope you enjoyed that.” Jill leaned down for another lick. “I’m all for the more the merrier.”

      Make sense? I only use dialogue tags if they’re necessary to avoid confusion. Hope that helps!

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