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Our first ASK EM is up. Today’s question is about writing characters.


Do you incorporate stuff from your life or friend’s lives into your books?


Characterization is very important in writing. In my opinion, you could have terrible grammar and tons of mistakes, but readers could still fall in love with your characters. With that said, I work to write the most realistic characters as I possibly can. I want you to feel as though you could slide a finger down the muscular chest of the hero or share a smile with the heroine.

The fastest way to do that is by giving them human shortcomings.

My heroine in UNTOUCHED hid her money troubles from her boss. In life, people don’t always throw everything into the open either.

My hero TUCKER from UNBROKEN is wounded deeply after his fiancee dies in a car accident. When her parents finally tell him it’s time to let go of the love of his life, he can’t see straight through the pain, and he runs. For weeks he camps out in a seedy motel, hiding from his life and the people who might actually be able to fulfill him. Sure, he feels like a shit. But he can’t force himself to move forward. Yet.

I don’t take traits from any one person I know and slap it on a character. But I watch people and I try to understand them. Their problems, passions, and triumphs sometimes make their way into my pages.

Thanks for reading! And to Nova for the great question.


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