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Today’s excerpt is a scorching-hot encounter between Christian and Claire.

Unbroken72lg (2)

He pressed a kiss to the corner of Claire’s mouth, maddeningly close. So close that her mouth watered and her pussy pulsated. A hum of want issued from her chest unbidden.


With a swift movement, he plucked her off her feet and pinned her against the rough wood of the coop.


Heat lashed at her insides. His musky scent captured her, sucked her in. He ground his lower body against hers—thighs and denim and a thick erection. Her panties grew wet and she wished she hadn’t changed out of her uniform into jeans. Her dress would be easier access.


Christian wasn’t about to let that stop him. He gripped her thighs and hitched her upward, pressing her legs around his waist. She clung to him, rocking her aching pussy against the steel of his shaft.


When he kissed her, he scraped his rough facial hair over her sensitive skin, raising prickles of awareness. Every nerve in her body was attuned to him—his scent, taste, feel.


And God, was he a looker. Especially when he gave her that blazing, I’m-going-to-fuck-you-against-this-wall stare.


She moaned.


The barn wood covering the building at her back snagged at her shirt, heightening her experience. Suddenly she wanted to know those rough edges on her skin while Christian assaulted her from the front.


He slipped his palms under her ass and squeezed. “Give me your tongue.”


She opened for him, and he sucked her in. Drew on her until she bucked wildly.


He tore his mouth away, panting hard. “Jeezus, sweetheart.”


Fumbling between them, she located his button and zipper. When she eased his throbbing length from his clothing, his eyes dilated. Remnants of daylight faded, leaving only purple shadows and the hot rasp of his breath.


“Not here,” she said, squeezing the tip of his cock lightly. Juices oozed over her fingers.


He dragged her away from the coop to the solid barn ten paces away. “Here. I can’t wait another minute for you.”


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