Get Yer Shine On

Anyone ever hear that song by Florida Georgia Line?



In more than one romance, you’ll find a character with a drink in hand. Whether it’s a contemporary with a sleek woman pinching the stem of a wine glass or a staggering jerk sloshing beer over his friends, alcohol works in books. Why? Because it works in real life.

People have been getting hammered since the dawn of time. I’m sure Eve continued her naughty streak by fermenting some grapes and urging Adam to build her an oak barrel to store it in. After all, she had to bear the burden of a menstrual cycle, and those cramps weren’t going away with a bottle of Midol.

Sometimes we all need a little tipple. When I have a toothache, I head straight for the Jack. If I have a soul-shivering day with my kids, I’ll head for the Jack. Wait–there might be a theme here!

Moderation, as always, is key. But it never hurts to get your shine on. Especially when you’ve had a week with a bad boss/ irritable toddler/ daunting book edit/  family crisis/ bouncing checkbook/ road rage/ unrelenting Jehovah’s Witnessess/ sick grandma/ trip over the dog and break your foot kind of week.

What’s your favorite poison? Share with me for a chance to win Dallas Nights, book 1 of The Quick and the Hot series!


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9 comments on “Get Yer Shine On

  1. Vodka will always be my favourite, usually mixed with coke but I have to be careful. I can drink it like a fish and not realise how much I’ve drunk until the morning. My fave girly drinks are pina coladas or a nice glass of bubbly.

  2. Love wine, or flavored vodka mixed drinks.

  3. My splurge alcohol is Irish Mist. It’s what I buy when I want to celebrate. Smooth, warm, and sweet with honey. I like it chilled or warm, neat or on the rocks. it’s like sweet warm sex on silk sheets for your taste buds.

  4. Depends on my mood what I drink. I love an cold alcoholic cider on a hot day – I particularly like the new Berry ones. Morgans Spiced Rum and coke is my favourite tipple in a bar and when I’m feeling posh, I go for the Pina Coladas.

    • Big fan of cider here. If you can find it, there’s an organic cloudy cider from Michigan called J.K.s Scrumpy, that’s awesome. Like drinking fresh pressed McIntosh apple cider but alcoholic. My other favorites are Magner’s, an import from Ireland, the Angry Orchards line, and the Redd’s Apple Ale. And, if you haven’t checked it out, Redd’s has a Strawberry ale out now that’s pretty tasty.

    • Congrats! You’re the winner of Dallas Nights!

  5. A good cold glass of white wine…..Pinot Grigio not to dry and not to sweet. Also I love a good Mojito or Margarita especially with Mexican food. I do love Champagne but that is usually for special occasions or I have had a really shi**y day.

  6. AT home anything with coconut rum, out for dinner big Margarita on the rocks… lots of salt.

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