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Edit Me Tuesday

quote mark

Today I share one of my biggest pet peeves as an editor. The misplacement of quotes and punctuation in dialogue. Fixing this in an edit is very time consuming.

“Because I see this” she complained.
“And this.” she droned on.
“This too”. I find really annoying.
“Sometimes you don’t get any punctuation at all she screamed.

So what IS the right way to use quotes and punctuation?

If you have a dialogue tag, such as said, asked, whispered, and so on, you would use:

“Drive that truck on over here, baby. I’ll take you for a ride,” she called to the cowboy.


If you don’t have a tag, it goes like this:

“You can’t handle a man like me, little girl.” He revved the engine.

punctuation that completes the sentence–quotes–capitalized beginning of the next independent sentence.

In dialogue, punctuation always goes inside quotation marks.


exclamation mark-quotes

question mark-quotes

em dash-quotes


That’s your Tuesday tip. Now go forth and write dialogue!



One comment on “Edit Me Tuesday

  1. Go get ’em! Thanks for the advice.


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