Welcome to Hell Week

Hell Week should mean that you ride off on the back of a motorcycle to some amazing rally with music and half-naked people, and ride home on the back of another guy’s bike. But for me, it’s the week before school.

Woman on the phone while watching TV

You know the week where you have to actually take care of all the things you’ve neglected over the summer like making sure the children have two matching shoes? And healthy lunch box food? Because popsicles don’t travel that well.

This week all across the country, mothers rejoice that our offspring are getting ready to fill their little minds with things besides Spongebob and Minecraft. But it often means a lot more work. This week I have an appointment every day.

*tour of new elementary school (Yes, the cafeteria food is gourmet. Gourmet shit, you ask? No. You should buy every day because Mommy does not want to pack)
*doc visit for shots (Of COURSE I don’t like listening to you scream, darling. You need these shots)
*school supplies (amounting to a mortgage payment and requiring a U-haul to get to school)

Inevitably hell week is also the busiest of any parent’s work week. Deadlines loom and files get lost. People call off sick and you’re called in for an extra shift.

You also feel you’ve really done nothing with your offspring and try to work in fun. So between typing and shopping, you’re playing board games and going for a last-minute horseback ride or theme park trip. This week I’m also taking my daughters to their very first concert to see The Band Perry.

So we will add cotton candy at the county fair and mud-caked cowgirl boots to our list of things we’ve done at Hell Week. So while I work through edits on my fireman story and gear up for the August 27 release of SPURRED ON, I’ll have country music echoing through my head and a sunburn to nurse.

Hell Week…I can’t wait.

Do you have a Hell Week in your life? I’d love to hear about it!

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2 comments on “Welcome to Hell Week

  1. Yep – definitely had a few “Hell week’s” in the past. Enjoy the concert. I’ve taken my daughter to see Bruce Springsteen and Pink this year. She saw an advert for Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi this week – now she wants to go to them as well. (Mmmm at $150 per seat per concert) I’m not sure……….

    Good luck with your week. Just think about how good next week will be.

  2. So glad that your daughters went to their first concert! I didn’t go to one until i was about 32 (lol).
    My hell week is this week. both younger boys/men started college, so fingers crossed.

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