Excerpt-palooza LIP LOCK

Welcome to Excerpt-palooza! Every Wednesday I’ll post a bit from one of my books. The excerpts won’t be tame. They might curl your toes. Or you may even need to run and find your significant other to fulfill a few needs. Read at your own risk.




LIP LOCK from Samhain Publishing

Hayley’s legs were jelly before Brant even kissed her. Following him outside took supreme effort, probably because her panties clung to her wet pussy and her inner thighs were sticking together. Just looking at the man left her wanting.

During dinner, he’d cast her more smoldering looks than a blockbuster movie hero. And the touches… She quivered. A simple fingertip on the back of her hand had nearly sent her over the edge, and she’d almost come without him touching anything else.

The sun had set, but the sky was still midnight blue, the first nightly star winking its voyeuristic eye. Brant splayed a hand over her lower back, the tips of his fingers on the crest of her buttocks.

A new pang of want ripped through her.

Without a word, he led her across the gravel to a silver Nissan. Her head swam with images of him spreading her out on the hood and going down between her legs. She made a quiet noise that made him stop in his tracks. When he faced her, he wore a fierce expression.

His dark brows lowered and his eyes grew hooded. The angular planes of his jaw were outlined by the white glow of the parking lot light. “Hayley, this chemistry—”

“Is too strong. It will burn out.”

He shook his head hard. “Is that what scares you?”

“Yes. I’m not a one-night stand kind of woman.”

He edged closer, his boots scraping gravel. The thickness of his chest threatened to overwhelm her, but at the same time, she wanted to get closer. She locked her legs to keep from throwing himself at him.

“Who said anything about a one-night stand? Hayley, I’m serious when I say I want to pursue more with you.”

“But right now…”


She breathed in his musky scent and lost herself in the dizzying warmth of his nearness. Who would know if she gave in to her sexual desires with Brant Foxfire? Drake was at a friend’s house having a post-game pizza, and the only witnesses to her and Brant’s crazed passions were the people in the diner.

Stretching onto tiptoe, she slipped her arms around his neck.

“Jesus, Hayley.” His voice sounded as if he’d swallowed ground glass and chased it with whiskey. He clamped his fingers on her waist, spanning it easily with both big hands and making her feel incredibly feminine and fragile.

Her breath came faster. “Right now, Brant, I want you to kiss me,” she murmured.

His mouth descended with shocking speed. He slammed his lips over hers, claiming her at the same time he lifted her off her feet. Spinning her, he crushed her gently between the car and his big body. She moaned into his mouth. He swallowed it, fed her one of his own.

Their kiss turned carnal in seconds as he chased her tongue around her mouth, devouring her whimpers. When he ground his body against hers, she was given no illusion as to the size of his erection. Every thick, pulsating inch was pressed against her belly and pussy.

Rocking into her, he rubbed her neediest spot. Through her skirt, he used his cock on her clit as if he did this for a living. Breaking the kiss, she threw her head back. He attacked her throat in nipping bites. Juices pooled and slicked her thighs. If he didn’t touch her breasts soon, she’d die.

She tugged on his hair as he traveled the length of her neck. Squeaking gasps escaped her, and he answered with harsh groans.

“Fuck, woman. I want you so bad.” He poked the tip of his tongue into the hollow behind her ear, causing a new spasm of ecstasy in her.

“Brant, I’m going to come right here against your car without taking a stitch off.”

He stilled and lifted his head slowly. In the darkness, his eyes glittered with lust. “I fucking hope so.” He sagged at the knees and thrust his arousal against her pussy again.

She released a quiet cry and jerked him back in for a kiss. Each upward stroke of his cock against her needy body drove her higher. He bit at her lips and tongue, tasting of the pepper he’d liberally sprinkled on his food and the mint he’d sucked afterward. A knot tightened in her core. When he smoothed his tongue over her lips and then dropped his face to nuzzle her exposed cleavage, she felt the first contractions strike.

Deep in her belly, the cords of want snapped, and then she was flying. Sobbing gasps left her as extreme heat drenched her panties. For mindless minutes, she only felt Brant’s tongue on her breasts and his denim-clad cock fucking her through her clothes.

When the final pulsations fled, she crumpled in his hold, boneless.

“God, Hayley, that was beautiful. Feeling you come apart in my arms… Shit, I need more.” He lowered her to her feet and with one flick, opened the back door. She found herself stretched out on the soft leather seat, her body supported in his strong arms.






2 comments on “Excerpt-palooza LIP LOCK

  1. I loved Lip Lock!! Great excerpt! I can’t wait for Unbroken! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to read LIP LOCK! I have it, just have a few more books to read before i get there!

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