Welcome to Hardworking Heroes

This is my first post on my very own first blog. I’ve been published since 2010 and have over 35 books contracted, but somehow I’ve managed to resist running my own personal blog.

So why now? The time was right. As an author I know my brand–know what direction I’m heading. I write about regular people–hardworking people with everyday problems.  My heroes are also hardworking–in bed and out! *wink* From firemen, loggers, and cowboys to supernatural beings, my heroes all have something in common–they’re good with their hands.

Is the world ready for Hardworking Heroes? Can I get a hellz yeah?

On my blog I’ll be sharing triumphs and failures. I’ll talk about new book releases and sharing exclusive excerpts from my backlist. Of course there might be some recipes that I’m currently trying to force-feed my four little crazies. As I’m also a freelance editor, you’ll get a tip or two about editing.

And don’t forget EYE CANDY. *dum dumm dummmmm!*

Classic handsome man up close

Here’s the lineup of the Hardworking Heroes events:

Monday– Weekly Post

Tuesday–Edit Me


Thursday–Thursday Rant

Friday–Man Candy

So be sure to come back daily. ( It might take me a little while to get rolling with this blog. School will start soon, and I hope to launch it in full-steam-ahead in September! )

I’ll leave you with more gratuitous ab shots.

A muscular man in a cowboy hat

Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking back!

Em Petrova

Hardworking Heroes–in bed and out



3 comments on “Welcome to Hardworking Heroes

  1. Waves to Em! I guess I shouldn’t say that I have three? He he!

    I’m following the blog, too and congratulations!


  2. Congrats on your blog and thanks for the eye candy!

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