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Besides writing thigh-clenchingly hot erotic romance, I edit for a few small publishers as well as freelance edit. Each week I’ll post an editing tip for all my writer friends.

The tip of the week is also a pet peeve of mine:


1. If using ellipses, please only use 3 dots. Usually your Word software is set up to automatically convert this to a perfectly-spaced ellipses. If this doesn’t happen, use control + alt + . (period)

incorrect: Over and over……and over again

correct: over and over…and over again

2. If your sentence is a complete thought, then do not use an ellipses.

incorrect: She might fall flat on her face…

correct: She might fall flat on her face.

correct: If she fell flat on her face…

3. No more than a handful of ellipses should appear in your entire manuscript. This also goes for semi-colons, because, IMHO, readers sometimes stumble over them. I find em dashes to be more reader-friendly, but that’s another editing tip for another week.

Rule: do a search/find for … If you find more than 10 instances in your manuscript, I would personally whoop your ass and make you delete. *grin*

Let your words carry your weight, not your punctuation.

Thanks for reading!



4 comments on “Edit Me

  1. Perfect timing! I’ve had a run-in with this particular little grammar buddy of mine of late. I am left with a question though. When writing dialogue and a character is cut off mid-sentence by someone else is it correct to use the ellipse for the cut off dialogue?

  2. I love your Hardworking Heroes blog! I don’t write for a living, but i think i will still enjoy and be helped by the editing tips.

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