Gearing Up for Summer

Digging around in the couch cushions is not giving me the cash I need to fund the ice cream my kids and I plan to eat this summer. Cappuccino crunch is my favorite–what’s yours?

In Pennsylvania, we have looooooonnnng seasons of snow and ice, cold weather and general crap you cannot go out into without wearing a parka. I always say that if you live here, you’d better love your winter coat because you’ll be wearing it up to 9 months of the year. (I needed it the other night in the ball field!)

So when warmer weather rolls around, I want to be outside. Which is why I’m in the midst of creating a bigger patio and fire pit! If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you won’t see the updates, so I thought I’d share here too!

Image may contain: tree, plant, grass, outdoor and natureImage may contain: outdoor

I can’t wait to share more pics with y’all as I work! I’d love to kick off Memorial Day weekend with a nice fire and a cookout! Then I’m going to sit out there every night that I can and just stare at the stars. Or fireflies. 🙂

What do you do to embrace summer? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below!


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Creativity is Not a Bad Word

Since when did having artistic or creative talent become something to whisper about, to hide away as a hobby or pretend you cannot use that skill for more than your own personal satisfaction?

As a teen when I told people I wrote books, they’d say…Well, that’s nice. But what are you going to do with your life?

Guess what? I wish I could find all those people and show them my bookshelf.


My daughter has always been interested in art. As a child, she talked about becoming an art teacher. Then she realized she hates school and couldn’t deal with it. She draws, paints, creates graphic art on Photoshop and dreams of going to art school. But she’s worried about people thinking she isn’t doing anything with her life besides training to live at home until she’s 30.

In shock, I looked at her. And my response was, “Since when did the world begin to look down on artists and creative types? In Renaissance times, painters, sculptors, poets, writers were all revered. People LOOKED UP to them because they could tap into a part of themselves not everybody could but everyone could ENJOY!”

Will my daughter have a tough road if she pursues art? Hell yeah. But so would a doctor, lawyer and professional wrestler.

Thousands of people are in creative industries. Otherwise, how would Etsy survive, am I right? If we were all afraid to try, we wouldn’t have handmade soaps or knitted scarves. No art would hang on our walls. And we wouldn’t have books to read.

Thanks for reading and please support creativity in all forms!



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Exclusive Excerpt from HEAT OF THE KNIGHT



She turned to watch her ex striding toward her, eyes narrowed and a fierce expression on his rugged features.

“What happened?” he demanded, coming to a stop in front of her.

She craned her neck to meet his gaze. “Nothing happened. Just bored is all. I guess I need more jobs.” She gave a faint giggle with no heart behind it.

He took her by the shoulders, forcing her to hold his stare. “You slept with that asshole.”

She nearly swallowed her tongue. Once she could force air past her vocal cords, she said, “What? Why would you ask me that?”

“Because I saw how he looked at you. Fucking hell, I knew I shouldn’t have left you alone with him!”

“Bo, calm down. I never said I slept with Sean.” Her voice gave a suspicious wobble on his name.

“Jesus, and you’ve fallen for him.” He released her shoulders and ran his fingers over his shaved head.

She gaped at him. Was he some kind of mind-reader? Because the link between friends, or exes, was far from telepathic. And there was no other way for Bo to know she’d slept with Sean—soooo many mind-blowing times—because she didn’t even sport a red mark of beard burn from the man to give her away.

She shook her head. “I haven’t fallen for anybody.”

“But you did sleep with him.” Bo’s words came out flat.

For a pulsing second, she considered denying it. But he’d see right through her lie.

She nodded. “Yeah, I did.”

He shoved out a breath and leaned against the countertop, staring at her without pause. She couldn’t read the lights moving behind his eyes, but strangely she could have recited everything she’d seen in Sean’s since the moment he’d sat beside her and started working with her.

Hell, maybe she had fallen for him.

No, she was just a wee bit obsessed. It was a crush, nothing more.

Except if he walked through the door right now, she’d shove Bo out and throw herself at the man.

Fuck, she was a little more than obsessed.

“I’m not even going to ask what you see in Knight.”

The statement caught her off-guard. She wanted to ask Bo to tell her so she could understand herself. “You’re not?”

“He’s a low-life woman-schmoozing asshole with too much game. He knew exactly how to play you.” Bo’s eyes darkened, and Elise finally knew what her ex was thinking. She’d seen that look a few times, and it was always associated with her trying to stop him from breaking the neck of somebody who looked at her too long or even took liberties with her on a dance floor.

She put a hand on Bo’s forearm, only to find the muscles and tendons leaping there. She looked down to find his fingers fisted.

“Bo,” she said with warning in her tone, “don’t. Sean didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Now you’re defending the motherfucker to me?”

She raised a shoulder and let it drop before spinning away to look out of the glass door leading to the balcony.

For a long minute, silence reigned, and she wondered if she’d gone too far with the friendship thing with Bo. Maybe they weren’t really able to forget they were once committed to each other, and he was affected by the knowledge she’d slept with Sean.

Though she could list half a dozen women Bo had been with.

She didn’t know those women, however, and Bo did.

She spun, her words flying from her lips. “Look, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Go on this run with me.”

She blinked. “What?”

“After I texted you about dinner, something fell into my lap, and I have to take care of it. I could use a sidekick.”

Eyeing him, she said, “Sidekick?”

His face relaxed for the first time since walking through the door. “Backup. C’mon, Elise.”

She jumped at the chance to get out of her apartment and her own head. “What is it? Am I dressed appropriately?”

“I’ll arm you once we get there. You’re perfect.” He leaned in and kissed her between the brows, giving her warm fuzzy thoughts of Sean doing the same thing when he believed her asleep.

“All right, I’m in. Let me get my boots on.”

“The ball-breakers with the steel toes, cher.”



Hope you enjoyed a look at book 2 of KNIGHT OPS!


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Everybody is binging TV series these days, but remember when we actually had to wait for the week to roll around so we could watch our favorite shows?

Binging a TV series isn’t much different than binging a book series. Many of us find an author we enjoy and then dig in, devouring every written word we can get our greedy little hands on!

I’m a long-time binger. In fact, I could consider myself in need of BA (Bingers Anonymous) since the tender age of 9 when I went crazy reading every single Judy Blume book on the market. Every buck of my allowance went to the Scholastic Book Magazine at school or the book fairs, where I’d buy in bulk. After the Blume consumption, I switched to the Sweet Valley High books (I think when I stopped reading, there were 56 of them), and that’s when I turned to my old dark friend Stephen King. My grandma was an avid King fan, and she gave fed me his novels like ice cream treats (she fed me those too).

I have to admit that I’m just as picky now with books and TV as ever. It takes me a while to discover a talent that speaks to me on a deeper level that I crave from authors or television writers. But when I get on that wagon, I go whole hog!

Here’s a list of my latest TV binges. Tell me if you share any!


Sense 8 (too sad it ended)

Sons of Anarchy

Breaking Bad

Downton Abbey


and most recently Animal Kingdom


Since I write characters that have multiple sides and a whole lot of depth, I love to read and watch characters who inspire me. And I love to root for an underdog!

I’d love to hear your favorite shows or book series to binge! Comment below!


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How the Knight Family Is Like the Petrova Family

  1. After a mission, they raid their maman’s kitchen and eat everything in sight.
  2. They bitch and moan about their siblings, but in the end, they will ALWAYS have each other’s backs.
  3. Fighting about who is a better shot is heard at all family gatherings.
  4. Angst happens among the Knight AND Petrova girls.
  5. Angst happens among the Knight AND Petrova boys.
  6. They all kiss their mommas with very dirty mouths.
  7. They love to escape and reconnect with nature and family.
  8. Do NOT mess with their plans or you’ll be sorry.
  9. They love their hometowns and nothing else feels like home.
  10. When they get together, watch out.

It’s Here!

A sale and a shiny brand-new release!





Read on for a sneak peek of HEAT OF THE KNIGHT!


“This SOB is fast.” Ben’s huffed words filled Sean’s earpiece and ratcheted his heart rate up five notches.

Missing out on a foot chase when you were late joining your special ops unit was frowned upon in the military. And when the commander was your big brother, the outcome was even worse. He was in for a world of shit for this, and all for a woman.

“Heading east. I have the agent in sight. Keep your heads on a swivel.” Ben’s update was followed by several grunts of agreement from the rest of the team.

Sean slammed the pedal of his old El Camino to the floor and gunned it through the New Orleans streets. The city was quieter at this hour, unusual in this area. He didn’t like it—his sixth sense was blaring like an alarm during an air strike.

“C’mon,” he urged his baby, smoothing his hand over the leather-wrapped steering wheel. Not half an hour before, he’d been stroking a woman into peak after peak. Getting the summons from Knight Ops was the kiss of death for a relationship, and this was the second time he’d walked out on some very dirty bedroom play with Ali.

But he’d jumped out of bed, at the ready. While throwing on clothes and hopping behind the wheel, he never thought the Knight Ops team would be able to locate a Russian spy who’d evaded captivity for a decade. Yet they’d found him in their own back yard and had eyes on him.

“Heading northeast now. Past Creole Joe’s.” Ben’s words came in his normal voice, and the only sign Sean had that he was sprinting was the small hiccup of air between words.

Sean took in his surroundings. Creole Joe’s was a few blocks over, and he could head the Russian off.

Without bothering with turn signals, he took a bend at top speed. His left front tire rolled up over the curb but came down smoothly, barely jarring him. He ran a hand over the steering wheel, giving it the caress of affection it deserved. His car might be circa ’78 but it outperformed many modern models. And looked cool as hell.

“Closing the gap. Ninja, you got him in view?” Ben asked.

A laugh sounded. “Since when are you calling me Ninja?” their youngest brother Roades asked.

“Quit fucking around and answer the question, dickhead.”

Another laugh from Roades. “The agent is not in sight, Captain.”

“Dammit. You and Dylan must be off course.”

“We’re not off course,” Dylan put in. “We know these streets like we know our own dicks, sir.”

More laughter from the other guys, who were fanned across the five-block area, by the sounds of it. Still, Sean was the closest. And he had a six-cylinder.

A flash of something caught his eye and he veered left just as the man they were chasing hurdled a fire hydrant feet away from Sean. He screeched to a stop and threw the car in park, hitting the ground running. The Russian might be fast, but so was he.

Pumping his arms close to his body to generate speed, he gained on the man. The guy threw a wild look over his shoulder, and in that second Sean knew he’d do anything to escape. He was a wild animal, cornered by the people who’d ship him to his mother country, where he’d be up on charges on his failure to execute his mission and looked in the eyes before being shot for letting down his commanders. If he stayed in the US, he’d only find himself imprisoned for life under top security.

He threw himself forward and hit the man from behind, launching them both onto the pavement. The air hung with the scent of yeast from the nearby bakery, but Sean’s nose flooded with the reek of sweat and fear.

“Don’t fucking move,” he growled as he whipped the man’s wrists together, and with one jerk of his hand, bound them with a zip-tie he preferred to rope. Easier to carry and you could make them as tight as you needed.

“You got me out of the bed of a very beautiful woman, asshole, and I’m not going to go easy on you,” he said to the man glaring up at him from one eye. He tightened the tie until the flesh swelled around the plastic—he couldn’t risk the guy getting free.

“I got him on the ground,” he said to his team.

“What the fuck? Thunder?” His brother Chaz sounded stunned.

“No, it’s Santa Clause. Did you assholes think I’d abandon you?” He kept a knee in the man’s back. “Name,” he demanded.

“Fuck off.” Damn, the guy’s English was better than his own. No wonder he’d managed to fit in undetected in this country for a decade.

Using only a portion of his strength, Sean hauled the man to his feet. “Walk nicely now. I don’t want to have to take out my weapon. Then again, you did fuck up a very enjoyable experience.”

When the man didn’t budge, Sean kicked his Achilles. The Russian groaned and slowly trundled forward.

Sean led the criminal to the back of the El Camino and depressed a button to raise the tonneau cover over the truck bed. The cover lifted, revealing a tool box big enough to fit a man.

The Russian tensed. “You don’t plan to put me in there, do you?”

He looked over the Russian’s physique. Yeah, he’d fit, no problem.

Read the whole first chapter of HEAT OF THE KNIGHT


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Spring Updates


Your surroundings are not just important–they’re ESSENTIAL to your mindset. Ever wonder why writers flee to amazing cities to get their creative juices flowing? Or musicians go onto the streets to feel the heartbeat of the universe?

With the DIY craze, everyone is slapping on a new coat of paint or adding hardwood floors. And those are great things, but sometimes it just isn’t in our budgets. Now, I am the queen of low-budget DIY, but this spring I’m focusing more on the little things that feed my soul.

Like twinkle lights.




Remember how nice it was to wake up in the summer to the sun shining on your face? Well, move the junk out from in front of your window and push those heavy (maybe dated) curtains back and let the light stream in!

Add a string of twinkle lights to your shelf or patio outdoors. Make a trip to the dollar store and grab a bunch of candles and light them all at once.

For me, I plan to move my fire pit closer to the house so the kids and I can enjoy the warmth and light–and a few s’mores!

What light will you add to your life? I’d love to hear your stories! Leave a comment and share!


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Heating It Up


I’m gearing up for Sean’s story, and it’s such a fun ride! The final copy is uploaded to Amazon, advanced reader copies (ARCs) are out and I’m set to roll on May 8th.

When writing about Sean, I wanted everyone to see more than the powerful muscles riding just under that tanned, tattooed skin. Because this guy’s got the brains to back him, and that is SOOO sexy!

Some stats about Sean Knight:


* 6’2″

* second in command of Knight Ops team

*also second brother in the Knight family with a special talent for grilling and tormenting his younger sisters

* great at catfishin’, could do it professionally

* weapon of choice–zip-ties (wink)

* can rock a suit like a sexy badass

* jogs for fitness, stress relief and likes to compete

*happy to hang with his lady at home and wile away the time in bed…



Thanks for reading!


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3 Things You Don’t Know About Ben Knight

For those of you who read ALL KNIGHTER, you probably think you know it all, right down to the…ahem…largest details. But today I’m sharing 3 things you don’t know about Ben.

1. His favorite book is Grapes of Wrath–he read it before going to Boot Camp and feels it was a turning point in his life. He identified with the idea of the characters in Steinbeck’s novel as embarking on a new life, just as he was by leaving his family in search of a career with the Marines and later the Knight Ops team.

Yes, Ben is deep, ladies.

2. As much as Ben loves to golf–or complain that he doesn’t have time now that he’s running a special ops team–he is a terrible putter. He’s even been known to hurl his putter into a pond or two, much to his brothers’ amusement.

Worst date ever for Ben: Mini-golf.

3. One of Ben’s buddies in the Marines asked him to go in on partners on a craft beer business, but he couldn’t tell the difference in subtle flavors and cat piss, so he backed out and to this day drinks Dos Equis.


Hope you’ve enjoyed a deeper look into Ben Knight’s life!

Happy reading and stay sexy.


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