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Love Books Series Giveaway! ***ENTER HERE***

I’ve teamed up with some fantastic authors to bring you this fantastic giveaway. Enter below to win 1 of 2 Kindle Fires and discover some fantastic new series.

Be sure to stop by Love Books’ Facebook page as they’re also giving away ecopies of books from all of these authors.

Soulmate Series by Kelli McCracken


Lost Coast Harbor Series by Lily Danes and Eve Kincaid


Doctors of Rittenhouse Square by Jill Blake


The Tempered Steel Series by Maggie Adams


Great Plains Romance Series by Corissa James


The Love Me Series by C.C. Cartwright 


The Jungle Eyes Trilogy by Lindsay Marie Miller


The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod by Tracy Ellen


Love on Tour Series by Kay Harris


Decadence After Dark Book Series by M Never


Up In Flames Series by Em Petrova


Highland Wolf Clan by A.K. Michaels 


The Masterpiece Trilogy by Nikki Lynn Barrett

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Dirty-Hot News

Hey, everyone! I’d usually do a quick FB post, but since I have too much going on right now, I figured I’d share it here! So grab your coffee and kick back!



I’m re-releasing these hot firemen stories that I just got rights back to. Smoldering Hearts releases this Sunday, and if you haven’t read them yet, add them to your WISHLIST!


One Fiery Night
Barnes & Noble
All Romance eBooks


Controlled Burn


Smoldering Hearts
Amazon-to be announced





Originally, I’d planned to release these hot logger single titles at all bookstores, just as I’ve done with the above books. Now I’ve decided to release as Amazon Exclusive like a lot of my other titles. My reason is the books get into my fans’ e-readers easier. You can read these scorching-hot and naughty loggers in your Kindles or Kindle Apps. Links to be announced!





3 weeks ago I sent my publisher book 2 in my smokejumpers series, coming in January 2017. When I only heard crickets, I really started to worry that the book wasn’t working for them and they were too chicken to tell me! But yesterday I received an email from the editor saying she was working on the book! So we hustled and got the contract going, and now Tempting the Flames will be coming to you in the spring. Whew! What a relief, because Zander is one hot motherfucker, and it would not have been good for you to miss out on him.

If you haven’t seen the HAWT cover for Fighting the Flames, here it is. *dies*



Also, Samhain, the publisher that holds 11 of my backlist titles, is taking book 2 in my Operation Cowboy Series, Spurs ‘n Surrrender. No word yet when that would be released, but I do have pretties for you…





I took a poll on my FB page, asking if you’d like to see a Christmas story from me, as this hunky bull breeder has been kicking me in the shins to write his sad story about spending a lonely Christmas in Vegas. But it turns out there’s an equally lonely woman–wearing brand new cowgirl boots–who runs into him in Sin City. As I’m banned from Amazon preorders now, I don’t have a buy link to share, but please make sure you’re following me so you can nab JINGLE BOOTS when it comes out!



And lastly, my Rope ‘n Ride series is continuing with my tie-down roper, West, and a very quirky rodeo doctor. It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man.

Hopefully WEST will be coming your way by the end of December or early January




That’s my news, folks. I won’t go into the election or how many miles my kids put on my car running them around. For any of you authors needing editing, I do have some Dec. openings, though, so hunt me down if you’re interested. I hope you’re all enjoying your cooler weather!



Em Petrova~



Romance heroes: who’s hotter — cowboy or military man? WELCOME GUEST CARA BRISTOL!

When you think of rugged, macho romance heroes, two types come to mind: the cowboy and the military man. Who’s hotter? It’s a hard choice! I did an informal poll on Facebook, and here’s an overview of what readers said:
Military man hotness factors

  • A man in uniform- yum
  • A true hero, one who risks his life to defend his country
  • Demonstrates valor and bravery
  • Commands power and authority, often a leader, in charge of others
  • Firepower and weaponry. Might have big, er, guns


Cowboy hotness factors

  • Blue jeans and chaps – yum
  • Battles nature and wrangles beast
  • Demonstrates physical strength and has the muscles to prove it
  • Doesn’t follow anyone, is his own man, independent and autonomous
  • Works with ropes & stuff. Oh baby.


Fortunately, in Domestic Discipline, my new release, readers won’t have to decide between a military guy or a cowboy. They can have both! This spanking romance contains two stories, one featuring a cowboy who takes the heroine on a wild ride–and the other a military officer who likes to be in charge.

Discipline6 - final.jpg


Who do you prefer—military man or cowboy—and why?


An excerpt from Wife on the Lam, Domestic Discipline


In this scene, heroine Janelle has attracted the attention of a pesky cowboy

Janelle stuck her sunglasses on her face and unearthed her e-reader. She’d loaded the device with the books of her favorite erotic romance authors before she’d left home, and couldn’t wait to dig in. Melancholy had drifted away with the tide. The jewel-toned water was amazing, not at all cold, and it teemed with life. She’d spotted some bright yellow fish, several kinds of seashells, and some coral.

Who could feel down in the dumps in paradise?

She’d dry off in the sun and then visit the excursion desk. The resort probably offered snorkeling tours. Her solo vacation had brightened.

A shadow in the shape of a cowboy suddenly darkened her day. “Gotta be careful in this hot sun darlin’ or you’ll burn that pretty ass of yours.”

And then, a larger shadow blocked the sun when he plunked a massive umbrella into the sand and raised it.

She flipped over and scrambled to her feet. “I’m not your ‘darlin’’ and my ass is none of your business!” She shoved her e-reader into her bag, grabbed her cover-up, and yanked it on. She didn’t dare look at him, afraid to find him leering. Who was she fooling? He’d already commented on her ass. She shouldn’t have worn the suit.

Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at him. He’d changed from jeans and western shirt to a pair of long shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. His sunglasses were firmly planted on his nose and his cowboy hat on his head. What kind of man wore a hat like that to the beach?

Didn’t matter. It wasn’t her business any more than her ass was his.

She shoved her towel into her bag, slung it over her shoulder, then focused her gaze on his mirrored lenses. “Leave me alone.” She stomped toward the resort.


Domestic Discipline Blurb:

Love, desire, domination, and submission. Two domestic discipline romances by USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol in one volume.

Wife on the Lam

Janelle wants to take a luxury vacation for her wedding anniversary. Despite numerous hints, husband Brent misses all the clues and plans a business trip! Miffed, she flies off alone to a luxury resort. She’s going to celebrate—with or without him.

Brent didn’t have to work. He’d planned a second honeymoon to the luxury Cabana Resort. Janelle might have ruined his surprise, but he’s not going to let her ruin their anniversary, too. He has a little trick up his sleeve to take his errant wife in hand and get their marriage back on track.

Rahm’s Way

Before her military husband left for his tour of duty, Cadence Simmons relied on Rahm’s love, direction, and protection. His absence forced her to become more independent and make decisions for herself. After serving his country, he’s home for good and eager to resume their marriage as it was before. Only Cadence isn’t quite sure she wants things exactly as they were. Can domestic discipline guide this couple through some major changes?

Buy Links:

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-domesticdiscipline-2090428-354.html

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1146670410

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/domestic-discipline

BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/domestic-discipline-cara-bristol/1124439142

Amazon: to come


Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes “nice and naughty” stories of love, romance, and humor featuring strong alpha heroes. She is a no. 1 bestseller in BDSM erotica, science fiction romance, and holiday fiction on Amazon. She is best known for her Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series and her Breeder D/s sci-fi romance series. She lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

Connect with Cara

Author Newsletter  |Website | Facebook Author Page | Amazon Author page

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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Announcement and Muppet-Flailing Happy Dance

I’m so happy to announce to my dear friends, my readers, that I have recently gotten rights back to six titles! This has been a little bit of a journey (that’s all I can say, as I’m bound by contract to zip my trap), but I’m thrilled to say that you will have these books into your hands in the upcoming months!

*Muppet flail*

at the "Muppets Most Wanted" Premiere, El Capitan, Hollywood, CA 03-11-14



Stay tuned for cover reveals and release dates. The first book will be releasing in a massive 20-book BOX SET, so watch my Facebook page for details on when you can pick up my scorching-HOT book along with enough reading material to get you through…hmm, 20 books?…should keep you busy for a week, yes?


Happy Author,

Em Petrova~



Amazon Author Page

FB Fan Page





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#99 SALE! Get it while it’s HOT!




The First Cowboys

Hello, friends! You probably read that blog title and think I’m going to talk about the pioneers who made the West what it is today.




I’m bringing you the first cowboys I ever wrote. THE QUICK AND THE HOT SERIES is the first contemporary cowboy series I ever wrote! I wrote it with readers who prefer shorter stories in mind–like ME. They say to write what you want to read, right?


Dallas Nights, Slick Rider, and Spurred On have been previously published at Loose-Id. Some of you have probably read them already, but a lot of you haven’t seen them. Since I now have rights back to all three books, I’m releasing them at a much lower price in hopes that readers will enjoy these hot heroes as much as I loved writing them!




To get her truck out of the Texas mud, he might have to throttle her—if he can keep from ravishing her.

When hardened cowboy Dallas comes across an abandoned truck on his land, he’s shocked to find that the driver is his first love that crushed his heart. He plans to get her back on the road as quickly as possible before he breaks his resolve to trust any woman again, let alone her.

Ellie never expected to lose control of her truck or her emotions. Coming back to her hometown after all these years was a bad idea, especially since the one person who will always hold her heart wants her to leave. Can she keep running from her mistakes, or will owning up to the transgressions that hurt Dallas return his love to her?







Physical therapy assistant Lilly’s job is to keep rodeo star Juss Rossie off his injured leg and from using his bad shoulder to rope more buckle bunnies. Trouble is she wants—just for once in her life—to be one of those rodeo gals who gets the cowboy. Pushing him to the limits of his therapy will take some creative maneuvering, and she finds he responds in the yummiest ways.

Juss hates like hell to be laid up with injuries and off the back of a bull. But being at the mercy of therapist Lilly is torture—especially when she gets in the pool, on the mat, or crawls into bed with him. Can he recover from her mind-blowing advances without losing his heart?



COMING LATE AUGUST–Book 3 in the Quick and the Hot Series–Spurred On!


Thanks for stopping by the Hardworking Heroes blog today!



Em Petrova



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RYDER on in and stay awhile



When he ordered another shot, Lane shook his head at the bartender and she brought him a beer instead. “Can’t even get ripping drunk with you monitoring me, Lane.”

They moved off toward a table at the back that would hold all of them. Once they were settled, they stared at each other, nothing to say.

After a long moment and half his beer, Ryder lowered his bottle and said, “At least there isn’t a Calhoun kid on the way.”

“What the hell?” Buck said.

“Was there a chance you were unsure?” Wynonna leaned her elbows on the table, her hands upraised in exasperation.

He set the bottle on the table. “A bunny called me her baby daddy, but she had the time frame all wrong.”

“Jesus, Ryder. We can’t let you off the ranch.” West shook his head.

Some of the whiskey was taking effect and he was much mellower than he had been a few minutes ago. Which was good—he needed it to deal with his family.

“I don’t think we need to worry about Ryder’s bastard children as much as we should about our contracts for the show.” Buck’s ominous tone silenced them all.

Dipping his head into his hands, Ryder tried to give a damn that he might get kicked off Rope ‘n Ride. But he couldn’t feel further from that. “I lost my cool.”

“You think?” West dropped his sarcasm into the mix.

“You’d do the same if someone you cared about might face a scandal because she was filmed in a place she shouldn’t have been with a man she shouldn’t have been with.” His voice cracked.

They all looked at him. “What the hell are you talking about, Ryder? Or is it the whiskey talking?”

“No, it’s me.” He met each solemn gaze. “I was with Joy Humphries—”

“Jesus.” West smacked a palm on the table.

“You know how to choose the most untouchable woman, don’t ya?” Ridge asked.

Ignoring the outbursts, Ryder raised his hands for silence. “I’m only telling y’all because if anything comes of this…moment of anger I had, then you’d find out anyway. I don’t keep shit from you.”

“Except secret babies.”

He stabbed a finger at Wynonna’s nose. “The kid is not mine!”

“All right, let’s calm this down. Wynonna, you aren’t in any position to talk.”

She clamped her lips so tightly shut her face looked like it might turn inside out. Her auburn hair was loose and curly, looking like something boiling over. Her eyes echoed this.

Buck placed his hands on the table. “We’re all edgy with these people around us all the time.”

“Can’t get away from them,” Ryder spat. Can’t even steal a kiss without them—and America—knowing it.



Book 1 BUCK

Book 3 RIDGE